Project Unity

Project Unity is a campaign set in space. Most of the campaign takes place aboard a space station called Unity Station.

You are a member of the PMC (Private Military Contractor) known as the Kivmara Guard. Four years ago Station Security became overwhelmed with the terrorist acts being committed aboard Unity Station and hired the KG to supplement their troops. At first the KG was tasked only with terrorism prevention, but as time passed they took on a larger role. Now the KG performs most of the security on the station, with Station Security assuming a very minor role.

When and why you joined the KG is up to you. Whether any of your characters know each other is also up to you, though you have likely at least seen each other walking around the KG Base before.

Unity Station

Unity Station is the largest space station in the known galaxy. It’s construction was a combined effort between the Humans and the Mynarus, and both are equally represented throughout. The population of Unity Station consists of: millions of Humans, millions of Mynarus, thousands of Axoplasians, and tens of thousands of Androids.

Project Unity

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